Chiasson Oyster Farm

Delicious. organic. sustainable. Enviromentally +.


Our oysters are reknowned for their fresh taste. Mild on the palate with delicate notes of both sweet and salty flavours.


Our oysters feed in the pristine, cold, plankton rich waters of the Bay of Chaleur.


Our harvesting methods are non-invasive to the natural oyster bed we collect our oysters from ensuring future generations of oysters to grow and thrive.

Enviromental Net Positive Effect

Oysters are the oceans natural filter as they capture carbon and any impurities and store it within their shell. They have a net negative carbon footprint.

An Acadian Penninsula Gem.

Chiasson Oyster Farm Ltd. Is a New Brunswick company specializing in sustainably grown and farmed organic oysters.

Our Eastern, Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) are grown on a naturally occurring oyster bed. Our oyster beds are located off the coast of Lameque, North-Eastern New Brunswick where our diplod oysters thrive in the cold, plankton rich waters of the Bay of Chaleur/Gulf of Saint Lawrence. This pristine environment gives our oysters their distinctive flavour and ensures a genetic diverse and long out of water shelf life.

At the heart of our company we are proud of the sustainable nature of our farming methods. Naturally grown oysters are a restorative creature, filtering the ocean water of pollutants and C02. We strongly believe harvesting and growing our oysters responsibly promotes a net positive environmental footprint.

Chiasson Oyster Bed

Chiasson Oyster Plant

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Chiasson Oyster Farm
31 Rue L’Etang, Lameque
New Brunswick
E8T 1C2

Proudly Acadian/New Brunswick/Canadian

Pictured: President of Chiasson Oyster Farm; Yvon Chiasson showcasing produce in the beautiful waters off the coast of Lameque island.

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